Ph.D. student openings Are you interested in being a Ph.D. student in the lab for Fall of 2024? Read on. We receive many inquiries and regrettably may not be able to respond personally to each one. We ARE accepting applications for new Ph.D. students for Fall of 2024. The most competitive applicants will be those with interests and background in cognitive control and goal-directed behavior, functional MRI, computational neuroscience, and a strong quantitative background, in addition to a basic background in psychology and neuroscience. Please browse the publications from the last few years on this website to get a better idea of what we are working on.

Given our current research focus, if positions are available we are especially interested in recruiting Ph.D. students to work on (1) Computational neural models and fMRI of higher cognitive function, who may have diverse backgrounds in engineering, physics, math, or computer science with a strong interest in neuroscience, and (2) those with an interest in addiction, especially in studying addiction with fMRI and neurostimulation methods.

There are many opportunities for collaborative projects, as Prof. Brown collaborates with a number of other researchers within Indiana University and beyond — see Prof. Brown’s google scholar page coauthors for a partial list.

We accept students from several areas within Indiana University, including through the program in neuroscience, the program in cognitive science, and the cognitive neuroscience area within Psychological and Brain Sciences. Prof. Brown also serves as primary or secondary advisor to students wishing to pursue a Ph.D. in the clinical area of Psychological and Brain Sciences, particularly those wishing to do fMRI research on addiction. When you apply, please list Prof. Brown as one of the three faculty you might like to work with. Feel free to contact Prof. Josh Brown with inquiries.